And So it began

"ONCE UPON A TIME"....there came along this little lump...insignificant really when you compare it to the entire world of lumps. That is, right up to the point that it wasn't...insignificant I mean............... and so began my journey.

A NEWER SHADE OF I more then SURVIVE...I am learning to THRIVE...

OF COURSE... we all know things are bound to get a little crazy with a surprise around most every corner...not to mention an assortment of bumps and bruises along the way...but I am ever thankful for them all...they have all made me who I am. So buckle up, hold on tight and enjoy the ride thru what I lovingly refer to as LIFE

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It has been a wild couple of weeks in our family....
some great and some not really great at all.

The NOT Really Great -
      The day after I finished treatment my dear sister-in law broke her right arm...that alone is pretty sucky for a right handed, artistic and crafty girl.  She was getting ready to head out for some tests on that arm and slipped breaking her arm a second place and her right leg.  Needless to say we are keeping them foremost in our prayers while we also pray for the doctors/specialists  as they scramble to find the root cause and a whole battery of tests.

     It has struck a few of us that we as a family (living 1000s of miles apart) didn't have to deal with both of these major health scares at the same time by allowing me to be done first so now we can all put our focus, faith and prayers toward my dear brothers family.  We are all acknowledging  how blessed we all are by the Lord's timing and watchful eye .

The REALLY Great-
     We just spent a great weekend with Random Wisdom and her fiancĂ© who came up for an extended weekend.  It is so great and comforting (for a mom) to see how much they love each other and especially for witnessing the way he treats and treasures her...I couldn't ask for anything more.  The stress of a long-distance relationship and the immigration waiting game has not been easy or fun for them but the tender mercy for me "mom" is watching them resolve conflicts, short tempers, stress and frustrations and the messes they can cause on a relationship.  They are truly a team and a united unit that face these challenges together with love and laughter.  It makes my heart sing and the "mom worries" go away.  I know they are blessed to have found each other but best of all is that they know it too.....
(trials and all)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Someday I will remember to double check my posts so they don't sit in "draft" instead of posting like they are supposed.....ARGG....oh well, chalk it up to "Chemo Brain"...and yes...I will pull out that excuse as long as I can....just sayin
6 Months and 1 Day...
I would have to say...looking wasn't that bad....a few really lousy days BUT NOTHING like I thought or envisioned it to be.  Don't get me wrong....cause my true feelings are....
Would I do this again? -  NOPE (unless I had to)
Could I do this again?? - YUP (if I had to)        
Should I have to do this again?? - NEVER (not really in my control)
I do realize that might not be the feeling or view of those that have been closest around me thru all this.  (Maybe it is the same brain trick that happens after going thru labor...forgetting the really hard parts).  Has my body paid the price...NO DOUBT!!! (I can't believe how much muscle strength I have lost...VoR has to actually open jars for me...what's with that?!?!?  Fatigue....can't even begin to describe how crazy it is (they don't kid about that) BUT....faced with the alternative....I will take all this GLADLY!!!
There have been such a HUGE amount of vastly different blessings that have c0me as a result of this!!!  I couldn't ever be able to list them all even if I wanted to but I have to start with these.... 
                              TOP 5 

* Our family (extended too) bond stronger
* My faith in & relationship with my Savior
* Feeling all your love & support
* Friendships strengthened & renewed
* New friendship formed                       

I had a dear friend ask me if this would be the end of the Blog?? 
It isn' life is forever changed.
I will always  be a breast cancer survivor with my future written in
"just a little hint of pink"