And So it began

"ONCE UPON A TIME"....there came along this little lump...insignificant really when you compare it to the entire world of lumps. That is, right up to the point that it wasn't...insignificant I mean............... and so began my journey.

A NEWER SHADE OF I more then SURVIVE...I am learning to THRIVE...

OF COURSE... we all know things are bound to get a little crazy with a surprise around most every corner...not to mention an assortment of bumps and bruises along the way...but I am ever thankful for them all...they have all made me who I am. So buckle up, hold on tight and enjoy the ride thru what I lovingly refer to as LIFE

Monday, September 17, 2012

     Over the last couple weeks I have fallen into a new pattern/routine for my life as it will be for the next few months....I try to sleep whenever the urge hits not look at the clock first and push myself (balance and pace is the order not seeing how tough I am).....reading everything that the doctors can give me about chemo and radiation treatments (to the point of brain blurr).....and watching mindless TV (Discovery, TLC,  History and HGTV are the current favs)

     I didn't think much about being sick before my surgery (just a boob issue) but it has taken me longer than I think it should to get back on my feet....not the bounce right back like in the old days.  I do feel really good....until I overdue it....and overdoing it comes WAYYY faster then before.  This was the eye opening, sobering revelation for me.  You see....when VoR leaves the car home for me I have my mile long list of running around I want to get done....Friday....I went to the dentist, Walmart and the Library and felt like I had been shot out of a cannon!!!  My right arm (surgery side) hurt a ton from all that is involved with driving a car and I was POOPED!!!  I am thinking....3 things....REALLY!?!?!? It totally hit home that this is more then a boob surgery...this is major body disease that I am in a constant battle with.  Every cell is fighting for survival and this is a big deal....and this learning curve is HUGE!!!!  Maybe at long last I will learn how to pace myself