And So it began

"ONCE UPON A TIME"....there came along this little lump...insignificant really when you compare it to the entire world of lumps. That is, right up to the point that it wasn't...insignificant I mean............... and so began my journey.

A NEWER SHADE OF I more then SURVIVE...I am learning to THRIVE...

OF COURSE... we all know things are bound to get a little crazy with a surprise around most every corner...not to mention an assortment of bumps and bruises along the way...but I am ever thankful for them all...they have all made me who I am. So buckle up, hold on tight and enjoy the ride thru what I lovingly refer to as LIFE

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

        The Biopsy results from this MRI will be back tomorrow (Wed) in time for our meeting with the surgeon. We are gonna find out my surgery date and how the entire battle plan for the surgery has maybe been changed because of these latest findings.....Time will tell for sure!! As long as I am done with magnets for a while...I'm good!!! Now I know there are "technically" no side effects from an MRI....BUT...4 days after this last marathon length one....I am still feeling foggy/dizzy/tired...just kinda off. I don't know whether it has anything to do with have 2 MRIs done within 2 weeks...but I'm sure thinkin it does!!!

     I was really affected by crazy dizziness every time they pulled me in and out of the machine. They told me that it had "extremely strong magnets" and I wasn't the only one who had commented on that. You think about the effects from those little magnet bracelets are supposed to have on your can imagine how I felt after 2 hours in the monster ring of them.

     I've got headaches and get motion sick for watching TV for more than a few minutes (heaven forbid if it is fast action or a hand-held camera shot)...and books are taking way too much concentration to focus on. I have had some struggles to get sentences out in the right order...(to the amusement of me and those I am trying to talk to)....and boy am I tired...seriously...I am napping every time I sit down.... what the heck's with that. Now combine that with VERY unhappy darkly bruised and swollen boob and that about sums up my last few days....are we having fun yet??!?!?!!?. I joke that this really sucks...but actually it's just a minor inconvenience and I know is nothing compared to what is in store for me. .

     The bigger challenge was that I had to come face to face with the "VoR had to do everything guilt".....I know what you're thinking ...but this is a struggle for me. I want to be clear so there is no confusion.... that I KNOW and UNDERSTAND without a speck of doubt that I am truly thankful every day for him and his love & support. I am humbled by his willingness to do whatever is best for me... including never giving it a thought when he has to pick up the slack around here humbles me. I am beyond blessed to have him for my eternal companion!!!

He is my very own SUPER HERO!!!